Hi, I’m Simona. Greetings and welcome to my site

I’m an Artist, by heart and soul. An artist with quite a few tools, as a graphic designer, photographer, and painter.

Everything that I am, comes through in my art

On this site you’ll se my work as an acrylic artist, with a great passion for strong and bright colors. I’m an intuitiv artist and I’m attracted to moods, colors and scents and I try to express them in every piece I create.

Growing up in the Faro Islands, I was enveloped in the richness of diverse heritage and magnificent form in the wonders of nature.
Even in my earliest memories, I marvelled at the joy that colour and scents could bring.

I would draw and paint for endless hours in my grandmothers kitchen, in a little village in the Faro Islands. We had no television or radio, and we were lucky if the electricity didn’t go when the weather was bad – wich it was often. Even though, in a way, everything was so calm and peaceful. I would listen to the wind, look at the waves that hit the rugged coast of ancient volcanic mountains, for hours. No wave was ever the same. The wind would constannely change notes and would peacefully rock me to sleep.

Outdoors was usually drizzle, which was a wonderful sensory experience. I always tipped my head up and let me pollinate with cool and gentle rain. When the sun came out, the scents of grass, salt wather and wild florals blew my mind.

At night going to sleep, I would lay in my grandmothers universe of angels and florals. They were all haning on the walls, all over the place, and all materials was in exclusive cotton, silke and laces, beautiful materials. This life was like heaven.

I started of as a dedicated oil painter, but has along the way found more interest in the acrylic medium because of the inviromental issues and because of the long drying time working with oil paint. It has been challenging and has made me look in to alternative tecniques, to master the outcome in different ways.

Please Feel Free to Reach Out if You Have Any Questions or Something Amazing to Say.

You can get in touch with me here.

Cell: +45 3014 4717 
Mail: simona(at)bysim(dot)dk