Sunday Morning

Simona Hjaltalin

Waking up to a ray of sunshine hitting my face.
The sound of birdsong, from a larger orchestra, rumbles in through the open window, from which a gentle breeze blows the curtains open, for the lust that hits my face.
The scent of coffee from the kitchen. The sound of the water pouring into the funnel. The scent bursts my senses. I sit up and notice the sounds of the crisp cotton of the bedding. Sunday Summer Solstice. Sunday morning Sun.

Sunday Morning, by Simona Hjaltalin.
Acrylic on Canvas. 90 x 120 cm. UV-Varnished.

Sunday Morning is part of the series THE SCENT OF MOEN, that was created on Moen, in the summer of 2020.

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